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Alumni are listed in order of the surname by which they were known while at Ladue. Click on the email button next to the name to send an email message. Names with a after them have been added within the last month. Names with invalid email after them means their email address is no longer working. If you can contact this person please have them update their email address or send the webmaster a note with their new address. If you are a Ladue alum and would like to be listed on this site click on this link and fill out the form.

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emailMelanie ALLEN [modified: 3-2006]
Geneva, IL

emailJason ANDERMAN [modified: 11-2008]
Montclair, NJ

emailTraci ANDERSON Morlock [modified: 6-2009]
Wentzville, MO
    God is good...all the time! Hello all! Just wanted to update since reunion. I'm working part time as the Director of Contemporary Worship at my church, married to the wonderful Paul, and now the mother of 3 daughters, Chelsea-16, Sean-6, and Trinity-newborn. Life is so very good!

emailNora P AYVAZIAN [modified: 6-2008]

emailChristopher BALLARD [modified: 7-2003]
Thomasville, CO
    I live in between the Holy Cross Wilderness Area and the Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness Area outside Basalt, CO. at 8600'. I commute to Aspen daily where I am a journeyman electrician. I am also a wildland firefighter in the summer months.

emailDebbie BANASHEK-COLE [modified: 12-2007]
St. Louis, MO
    After moving around the country for several years, I am back in St. Louis with my 2 sons, Josh (age 6) and Parker (age 3). I am currently teaching English at Parkway North High School.

emailDave BARI [modified: 7-2005]
Ballwin, MO
    I graduated from law school and married in 2000 and started doing criminal defense with the public defender's office in 2002. In August of 2004, I left the public defender's office and have been considering appellate work. Lately, I have been doing legal research and motion drafting for other attorneys.

emailKarin BARLOW Overy [modified: 1-2006]
Glendale, MO
    married for 10 years to a firefighter. i have three girls. im a photographer and ive been kickboxing for three years. check out my photography on finneyskickboxing.com . we live in glendale but spend most of our time at the horse barn riding.

emailMike BECKER [modified: 4-2008]
Olivette, MO
    I've owned Becker Iron and metal in St. Louis since 1998, a full service scrap metal recycling facility. Our export business takes me around the country and overseas. Married in 2000 to my wife Kelly. We have 2 kids (Lauren-5, Jack-3) and one on the way. Recycle your metals, prices are at an all time high!!!

emailSusan BECKER Kemppainen [modified: 4-2005] invalid email
Frontenac, MO
    Hi everyone! I'm enjoying life with my husband John and our 2 boys, Alex (age 5) and Ryan (19 months). I've been working at Life Crisis Services for over 10 years as a suicide and addictions counselor. My husband John is a civil defense trial attorney and we met during college at Tulane University. Would love to hear from any old classmates!

emailBrent BERGER [modified: 11-2006]
Las Vegas, NV
    I am married and have 2 wonderful children. Living in Las Vegas is a trip! Come out and play sometime. Future World Series of Poker Champion is coming soon.

emailTom BIGGS [modified: 8-1999]
Houston, TX
    Training to take the next WWF belt away from Austin 3:16.

emailBrian A BILLINGS [modified: 11-2008]
Gallatin, TN

emailBrian BLACK [modified: 4-2002]

emailMichelle BLUESTEIN Mufson [modified: 4-2005] invalid email
St. Louis, MO
    Wow I have almost been married 16years (this summer) I have a 13yr old son who may be at Ladue high in the fall ( or private school I know what goes on in high school I was involved in all of it). Emma our daughter is 9. I am a specialty food distributer responsible for four regions. Hope all is well would love to hear from you. Anyone blow glass? looking for a partner.

emailPeter BOEGER [modified: 3-2007]
Seattle, WA
    We are still living in Seattle and love the long, dreary, winter season. I continue to work in the wine industry, and my wife works at a humongous software company. Zoe is 18 months and loves to chase the cat and read books. Keep in touch!

emailGwyn BOLLWAHN Inglis [modified: 9-2005]
Denver, CO

emailPeter BRIDDELL [modified: 5-2010]
Chicago, IL
    Been married almost 10 years to my wife Debra. No kids, just three large troublesome dogs. I am a partner in a financial firm. My role has somewhat been reduced to silent as at 35 (my mid-life crises) I decided I wanted to be a Policeman full-time (5 years part-time hobby prior to 35). Now I work full-time as a P/O. Interesting job! Very busy town! Starting to get bored as our murder rate drops. Thinking of law school as a result. Any comments on that are very welcome. I cannot believe its been over 20 years. I hope all is well with everyone.

emailAngela BROWN [modified: 4-2008]
Frontenac, MO
    After living in Los Angeles for 14 years, I recently moved back to St. Louis to take care of my mother, who is very ill. I'm a freelance writer and book editor and am shopping around my first novel, a comic mystery, to publishers. I have a one-eyed Norfolk terrier named Harry.

emailKenya BRUMFIELD Levine [modified: 11-2004]
St. Louis, MO
    I have been working in the social services field for way too long. I am married to a great guy who puts up with me and my two crazy dogs. Drop me a line.

emailAnn Katrin (A.K.) CALDWELL Richards [modified: 2-2008]
Fenton, MO
    Still living in Fenton, MO and now a sahm to three kids, two boys and girl. I started my own business www.hipclipsboutique.com and we're currently building a new house.

emailCynthia CLAY [modified: 8-2007]

emailScott COHEN [modified: 10-2008]
St. Louis, MO

emailIlse DAUGHERTY Levine [modified: 3-2006]
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    In February 2006 I married my husband Jason Levins. We live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I am now practicing criminal defense. Look me up if you're in the area.

emailLeigh DAVIE McKittrick [modified: 5-2006]
Webster Groves, MO

emailDrew DAVIS [modified: 10-2006]
St. Louis, MO

emailDana DEARDORFF [modified: 2-2006]
Atlanta, GA
    I finally left the Midwest in search of warmer climate and happily reside in Atlanta, GA. I work for a medical software reseller and market Practice Management, Electronic Medical Records, and Dental software to physicians across the U.S.

emailTamarah (Tami) DEAVENS Lester [modified: 6-2008]
Chicago, IL

emailMichelle DEFABIO Fiorino [modified: 9-2006]
St. Louis, MO
    I Married Gary Fiorino in 2003 and we recently adopted a beautiful baby girl from China. My husband is a brilliant pianist and I am a professional violinist. I play with the Fox theatre Orchestra and freelance in the St.Louis area as well. I am teaching strings part time in the Webster Groves School district and pursuing my MAT at Lindenwood University.

emailJulie DENNISON Reiser [modified: 11-2007]
Delray Beach, FL

emailDavid DIEHL [modified: 8-2002]
Downers Grove, IL

emailCocoa (Cynthia) DORTCH Anderson [modified: 3-2002] invalid email
Oceanside, CA
    Hello all, especially class of '88! I only went to Ladue my junior year and graduated in Colorado, but I logged onto the website, saw all the familiar names, and was feeling nostalgic. I have been married for the past 12 years and have two beautiful little boys. I live in San Diego county and work for one of the top five snow/surf/skate companies in the world. Life is good, the surf's been up. Who could ask for more? Has anyone seen Chris Fiorelli?

emailWilliam DOTY [modified: 4-2008]
Mehlville, MO
    Hi all! Only spent part of '87 and all of '88 at Ladue, for those who remember me. Been married 15 years and have 5 kids. Currently managing one of the buisness practices for an east coast IT company.

emailRobyn DUBINSKY Shalinsky [modified: 6-2008]
Mountain View, CA

emailKathy DULL [modified: 5-2010]
Columbia, MO

emailCicily DUNLAP Primous [modified: 6-2005]
Marietta, GA

emailJulie EBERWEIN Travers [modified: 4-2011]
Santa Cruz, CA
    My husband, Bruce Travers, and I now have four children: Milli (13); Geneva (11); Jocelyn (3); and Cassandra (1)! I'm still a patent attorney working for a firm in the Silicon Valley area. And, we are still playing a lot of soccer.

emailJuliet FEIBEL [modified: 8-2007]
Worcester, MA
Juliet's web page

emailDouglas FEINSTEIN [modified: 5-2005]
Chicago, IL
    After studying, working and living in Italy for several years, I have landed in Chicago where I have opened an Italian Travel Operation...so if you're going to Italy, give me a buzz!

emailMark FELDER Allen [modified: 5-2008]
Menlo Park, CA
    Name changed just to throw you off. Living in Cali. Married, with 2 girls.

emailCarey FIELDS [modified: 11-2008]
St. Louis, MO

emailMicalyn FLAGG [modified: 8-2008]
Houston, TX
    Life is good living in hot Houston, TX!! I am an At-Risk Counselor at Houston Community College. I love working with youth in any capacity! Currently I am pursuing my Master in Counseling and in the future PhD. in Child and Adolescent Psychology. I also work with other Post- Secondary and Pre-College Programs to help students develop an awareness of career opportunities and the lifelong learning skills that will enable them to become employable in a variety of careers. I travel a lot for my professional development to IL, LA, NV and FL!!! Drop me a line and I will do the same!

emailDavid FOEHR [modified: 1-2009]
Danville, CA
    I attended Conway and Ladue Jr High and then left for SLUH. I was interested in seeing if there was anyone in the SF Bay Area from Ladue Jr High/Conway. Let me know.

emailJennifer FORDING Rodenberg [modified: 9-2007]
Jacksonville, FL
    To sum it up --I went to Saint Louis University and met the man I married. We moved to Flordia and had a daughter (Alexis-10). He just recently passed away and I'm thinking about moving back to St. Louis --- If you like, drop me line sometime----Jenny

emailShawna FOSTER Scott [modified: 7-2006]
New York, NY
    Married, no children and living the good life in Manhattan, New York.

emailBurt GARLAND [modified: 11-2003]
St. Louis, MO
    In December 2002, Amy (Handelman '89) and I welcomed the addition of our third child, Grant. He joins Sophia (5 years old and who will be attending Reed School next year) and Jason (almost 3 years old). Drop me a line to catch up.

emailChristi GARRETT Hunt [modified: 3-2008]
Asheville, NC
    I have been married to Jason for 11 years and live in Asheville, NC. We are both physicians and have two great daughters Claire(3) and Molly(1) and life is busy but great. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion this fall.

emailAndrea GAUDIANO Nelson [modified: 1-2006]
Lexington, KY
Nelson's Home Page
    Married to my wonderful husband Rob for almost 12 years now, with our 2 children Alexandria and Hunter. Alex just started into middle school and that is a big challenge :) Rob is working for Lexmark and I have recently become an independent consultant for a fabulous company called Arbonne! Send me an email anytime!!

emailCarl B. (Tripp) GEBHARD, III [modified: 4-2008]
St. Louis, MO

emailKate GILLILAND Julian [modified: 9-2008]
Kirkwood, MO

emailTwana GIPSON [modified: 7-2003]
Olivette, MO

emailThomas GLICK [modified: 1-2003] invalid email
Clayton, MO
    I have my own law practice on Laclede's Landing focusing on Probate & Elder Law. My wife Brenda and I have recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. In May of 2002 we had a beautiful baby boy Alexander Payton Guynes Glick. Sadly we moved from Olivette to Clayton so that Alex would not appear to be headed to Ladue Schools.

emailBob GOLDBAUM [modified: 5-2008]
Highland Park, IL
Bob's web site
    Married in '98, Had Mason in '03, Ross in '05, Sold Hedge Fund Tech biz (FundRunner) in '05. After 15 yrs in Northern CA, moved back to Midwest in '06. Now at Citadel in Chicago.

emailDavid GOLDMAN [modified: 2-2008]
Tulsa, OK
    married for almost 5 yrs to my wife Melanie. Welcomed Grant Stewart Goldman into the world on 7/5/07. Director of Homeless Service Program for a non-profit organization in Tulsa,Ok. All is Good

emailJill GRACE Rausch [modified: 5-2003]
O'Fallon, MO
    Been living/traveling/working throughout North America for the last 10 years. I am a Manager with Deloitte Consulting in St. Louis. Returned to St. Louis in Jan 2002 to reconnect with friends and get married. Life is good.

emailRoderick HAWKINS [modified: 7-2007]
Tampa, FL
    What's up everybody, its "HAWK"!!! Well let's see after high school, i played a little football here & there, drink a little beer here and there, then joined the Air Force. After that, I was blessed w/ the best son ever Hunter Hawkins(11yr). I sold ad space for American Idol the magazine the very first edition, i forget which dork is on the cover, but if you do have one check "sales exe" closely. I was also blessed w/ a role in the movie "The Remainder" starring Nick Hogan Hulks kid. Not the best film ever done, but good for a few laugh. Anyway, that's whats up!! Later

emailPearlana HINES Bommer [modified: 6-2008]
St. Ann, MO
    I am a Special Education Teacher, I have two daughters, Lauryn (8) aand Makayla (7) We are doung fine at living in St. Louis.

emailSteve HIRSCH [modified: 11-2010]
Winthrop, WA

emailPaul HOHMANN [modified: 12-2007]
St. Louis, MO
    Principal Architect at Pyramid Companies. Married since 1996 to Nancy. Family includes 2 cats, a dog, and a horse.

emailMichael HOLT [modified: 6-1999] invalid email
St. Louis, MO
    Actually graduated in Florida. Now a landscape supervisor in Clayton, own house in city, bordering Maplewood. Attended in 1984, but knew many from Ladue Jr. and Reed.Drop me a line.

emailCary HUDDLESTON [modified: 6-2006]
St. Louis, MO
    Still in St.Louis and life is good.Email if you want, take care.

emailWilliam HUTSON [modified: 5-1999] invalid email
Orlando, FL
    Those of you who know me probably remember me for the fights (all ko's)and trouble I was in rather than the fact that I consistently held a GPA of 3.8. I did run into some trouble but since I cannot let Ladue look bad, I did get it together and am now living successfully in Orlando, FL.

emailMichael IANNOTTI [modified: 8-2009]
Erie, CO
    I am enjoying my sixth year of marriage to Denise, with wonderful children, Ben, 3, and Isabella, 1. I am a private practice Family Practice/Obstetrics and Sports Medicine Physician living near Denver, Colorado.

emailLara JENSEN Humble [modified: 7-2005]
Sammamish, WA
    I have been living in Seattle for 10 years with my husband Robert, a dentist and our three great kids Emily 11,Meg 9 and Jack 6. I'm dreaming of what to do with all the free time I will have this fall when my youngest starts 1st grade!

emailAllison JONES Cavallaro [modified: 8-2009]
Sarasota, FL

emailMark JONES [modified: 7-2004]
Olivette, MO
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Jones Enterprises--Real Estate Rental/Management, Educator, School District of Riverview Gardens School District, Graduate--University of Missouri (B.S., Elem Educ) Graduate--Washington University (M.A., Educational Leadership), Active Member of the University of Missouri Alumni Association

emailTad KARDIS [modified: 3-2005]
Olathe, KS
    My wife Julie and I live in the Kansas City area. We have two wonderful children, Ariana and Cole. I practice law with the firm of Dougherty, Modin & Holloway.

emailTim KEOHANE [modified: 2-2008]
Oakland, CA

emailKent KING [modified: 11-2006]
Cocoa, FL
    I'm happily married to my wonderful wife Nadean, and we have 3 incredible children (Jimmy, Meagan, and Nick). I am truly blessed. I did my BS at UWF and Masters at Florida Tech (both in computer science), and have been working as an Oracle DBA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for 14 years. My wife also works at KSC as a software developer. We are excited about sending astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars. May we all live in exciting times.

emailLeslie KINSELLA Fraraccio [modified: 2-2007]
St. Louis, MO
    We welcomed the much-awaited arrival of our Daughter Gianna Lucia Jan 4th of 2006, she is a doll! Her brother Charlie is now 17. Yes I agree the names Gia & Charlie together sound like the name of an Italian restaurant. Love living in SOCO, the people are nice, decent shopping and its not as far away as you people think. I remember it being totally taboo to date anyone south of Big Bend, so glad I did! My husband Steve is awesome (and yes he went to Vianny, home of the tuck and roll jean and the permed hair in back) and works hard for us as I stay home once again to raise another baby. I am an avid Ebayer, I sell things on Ebay for people for extra $$ so my dear husband doesn’t have to buy his own Birthday and Christmas presents! If you want to sell some stuff email me! I make house calls!

emailSpencer KLEIN [modified: 8-1996] invalid email
Northbrook, IL

emailDan KLOHR [modified: 7-2005]

Kevin KUSAMA - deceased
San Francisco, CA
    MAROA -Kevin Kusama, 24, San Francisco, Calif., died Thursday (Aug. 18, 1994). Survivors: parents, Haruo and Susan, St. Louis, Mo.; grandparents, WIlliam A. and Charlotte McGuire, Maroa; sisters, Karyn and Kristen Kusama, Brooklyn, N.Y. Preceded by: grandparents. [published in the Herald & Review (Decatur, IL) on Aug 22, 1994]

emailAnthony LAMPERT invalid email
St. Louis, MO

emailJulie LEVY Ring [modified: 8-2007]
Chesterfield, MO
    Hi everyone! Dan (Parkway North 1986) and I have now been married 13 years and have two active daughters, Sydney 7 and Jordan almost 4. I maintain a dental practice in Chesterfield where I practice part-time. Dan and I are in the process of building a medical office together, so this will be a real test of the marriage! Would love to hear from everyone!

emailMaureen LEWIS [modified: 9-2008]
New York, NY
    After working in Washington, DC for a number of years, I went to law school out in California. For the last several years, I've been in New York City where I'm an attorney at the Securities & Exchange Commission.

emailVirgil LUCAS [modified: 4-2008]
St. Louis, MO

emailEric MACLIN [modified: 5-2008]
St. Louis, MO
Eric's MySpace

emailKatie MALONE Mudry [modified: 9-2004]
Plymouth, MI
    I am currently living in Plymouth, MI. My husband, Rob, and I married in 1997. We have been blessed with four little girls: Kelsey (5), Lauren (2&1/2), and identical twins Adrienne and Amanda (4 months). They are all keeping me busy, and very happy.

emailSarah MANNING Almond [modified: 4-2008]
Clovis, CA
    My husband Jim & I just relocated to Fresno, CA in the central valley & are enjoying the weather. (The kids got to swim on Easter.) We have three wonderful children, Mike 20 a sophmore at Missouri State in Springfield , Cassidy 7 & Margaret 2.

emailDeanna (Dede) MARTIN Kelley [modified: 1-2002] invalid email
Frontenac, MO
    Hello, I'm to be married to a wonderful man named Brian on January 26, 2002. Life is good!

emailKevin MASSEY [modified: 4-1999]
Atlanta, GA

Angie MATLOG Jones - deceased
    Angela Dee Matlof Jones passwed away on September 18, 2005. Family: Beloved daughter of Sue and the late Dr. Michael Matlof; dear sister of Greg Matlof; dear granddaughter of Jean and the late Charles Sigoloff and Morris and the late 'Gene' Matlof; our dear niece, cousin and friend. [published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sept 18, 2005]

emailRichard MCDONALD [modified: 8-2006]
Aurora, CO
    Wow, I can't believe I'm going on six years in the Denver area. I left corporate america, which I hated, and went into law enforcement. I am a police officer for the city of Aurora, CO and love what I am doing for the first time in my life. I got married June, 2005 to a wonderful woman. We spend our off time playing in the mountains.

emailGreg MCDOWELL [modified: 6-2002]
Lawrence, KS
    I'm an Architect (or at least I soon will be) living in Lawrence... still single but looking %). I'm also a black belt in the Japanese martial art Aikido and spend a great deal of time studying the art... maybe that's why I'm still single...

emailJulie MICHENFELDER Wolfe [modified: 1-2007]
Glendale, MO
    Hey! Living in Glendale with '87 grad, Ken, and our two kids, Melly and Noah. Teaching preschool as an after-kids gig, but taught for Ladue before they came along. Would be glad to hear from you!

emailJolana MILLER Smith [modified: 12-2010]
Greenwich, CT
    Jolana is a Radio/TV personality.

emailSharon MILLER Remis [modified: 5-2004]
St. Louis, MO
    I live in Olivette with my husband Bill Remis(Class of 1987) and our two children Ben (4) and Samantha (2). I am an attorney in Clayton practicing Family Law on a part/full time basis. I would love to hear from old classmates.

emailShelley MILLER Brouster [modified: 7-2008]
St. Louis, MO
    Living in Webster Groves with my husband, Tom Brouster, and our 4 kids, T.J.(14), Olivia(12), Isabella(10) and Ava(3). Tom is with Irwin Union Bank in Clayton and I stay home with the kids. I'm keeping very busy!

emailMike MINKLER [modified: 8-1999] invalid email
St. Louis, MO

emailJohn B MITCHELL [modified: 6-1999] invalid email
Seattle, WA
Shaky Records

emailKimberly MOORE Simpson [modified: 10-2004]
Nashville, TN
    I got married in September 1999 and we have two beautiful daughters. As of September 2004, they are 2 1/2 and 7 months old. I earned my MBA from Univ. of Phoenix in July 2004 and I work as a Sr. Software Engineer for Deloitte & Touche in Nashville, TN.

emailPeter OBERHEIDE [modified: 11-2008]
Austin, TX
Peter's web site

emailKarri OFFSTEIN Rosenthal [modified: 11-2007]
South Orange, NJ

emailLisa PAPPALARDO [modified: 2-2008]
University City, MO
    My husband and I are both working for large management consulting firms and living in Creve Coeur with our two sons, Nate (3) and Grant (5m) - they will go to Conway someday!

Grace PATTERSON - deceased

emailRob PERCIVAL [modified: 9-2000] invalid email
Shrewsbury, MO
21st Century Solutions
    All is well and happy to be married to Angie (Hughes). We own our own Internet company (development and consulting) plus I am currently heading up the St. Louis branch a group from KC to grow their corporate Internet services business in St. Louis. I survived college at SLU with only minor damage. Of course, after nearly 25 years of school... I am doing something that I taught myself. My father would be so proud.

emailDarrell PERKINS [modified: 12-2008]
Albuquerque, NM

emailDavid PESSIN [modified: 9-2006]
St. Louis, MO
    Still living in St. Louis, working for a pharmacuetical company for the past 8 years. My wife and I have 2 children, Andrew (4) and Emily (1)

emailDean PLOCHER [modified: 3-2005]
Clayton, MO
    I graduated from St. Louis University Law School in 1997, and opened my own practice in 2001 with a focus in civil litigation. I am enjoying living in Clayton with my great pyrenees.

emailThereasa QUITORIANO Pullen [modified: 4-2002] invalid email

emailRick RECHT [modified: 10-2007]
Rick's web page

emailBarbara ROCHE Fisher [modified: 6-2007]
Atlanta, GA

emailJamie ROLAND [modified: 12-2004]
St. Charles, MO
    I have been in the mortgage business for the last four years and have now become a Private Banker with Wells Fargo. I'm married to girl form Nerinx Hall, Kristin and reside in St. Charles and have 2 kids, Ashley-4 and Kyle-2.

emailSarah ROTHMAN Rubin [modified: 4-2008]
Chesterfield, MO
    hello everyone I have been married since 1995 and my husband and I are the very proud parents of 4 kids. (2 girls and 2 boys) I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. We live in Chesterfield and our kids are in Parkway Central.

emailWilliam Todd RUHE [modified: 2-2010]
Beverly Hills, CA

emailSaralyn SACKS Klearman [modified: 9-2008]
Evanston, IL
    Living in Evanston, IL (suburb north of Chicago). Married Mike Klearman ('85) and we have 3 kids, Andrew (5), Caroline (3) and Will (6 months). I'm an equity analyst w/ a small cap growth investment firm and my husband is a hedge fund manager...life is very busy! Looking forward to the reunion!

emailApril SAKS [modified: 2-2004]
Brookdale, CA

emailMichael D SANDERS [modified: 1-2010]
St. Louis, MO

emailMichelle SCHUBERT Abounader [modified: 4-2004] invalid email
St. Louis, MO
    I was married in 2001 & had a son in 2003. The three of us and our two weimaraners live in U-City. Working full time and taking care of a family is unbelievably busy, but incredibly rewarding!

emailKathy SHAUGHNESSY Spitznagel [modified: 2-2004]
St. Louis, MO

emailJenni SILBERSTEIN [modified: 1-2002]
Beverly Hills, CA

emailAdam SITKOFF [modified: 3-2003]
Hanoi, Vietnam
    If you're traveling to Vietnam, give me a buzz...

emailKathryn SKINNER Cardinell [modified: 3-2007]
Round Rock, TX
    Hello, I am married and have two boys. Still living in Texas.

emailSean SPURLIN Burris [modified: 7-2004]
Olivette, MO
Hope Funding, Inc.
    Most of you may remember me as Sean Spurlin, but since high school, I changed my name to Burris, my original sir name. I am currently working back at Ladue, coaching track and working as a student supervisor. I also started a not-for-profit youth organization 4 years ago that is run out of Ladue. The club is made up of Ladue students and coached by Ladue Alumni! (remember Harvey Price?) We have had a lot of success with the program including 2 national champions in the past 2 years and a 3rd place team finish at the State meet last season!

emailDebbie STILLMAN Gottschalk [modified: 6-2003]
St. Peters, MO
    I have been married almost 12 years to Jim. I am a stay home mom. We have two children Nathan (7) and Lindsey (4).

emailAndrea STRAUSS Corsun [modified: 6-2008]
Encino, CA
    My husband, Danny and I have two awesome children Zachary (7) and Zoey (5)and live in Los Angeles. I have a Dental Practice in West Hollywood, but somehow find time to take the kids to the beach! Hope you're all well.

emailJohn TALLARICO [modified: 6-2009]
Brookline, MA
    Living in Boston. PhD in 1999. Wrkd at Harvard Med as faculty until 2004. Married with 2 kids (Madeline 8, and Trent 5). Wife and I are both scientists; I work at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research and my wife works at Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute/Harvard Med. Best Wishes to All.

emailClayton TAYLOR [modified: 2-2000] invalid email
Green River, WY

emailDaniel TRANEN [modified: 5-2010]
Roslindale, MA
    Recently moved to Boston with my wife Anne so that she can do her residency in urology at Harvard. I am a partner in a large national law firm who defends lawyers and medical devices. We have two weimeraners and maine coon cat

emailLaura TULLMAN [modified: 7-2003]
Washington, DC

emailJeff TURKEN [modified: 3-2008]
Annapolis, MD

emailJohn TWIST [modified: 12-2003]
St. Louis, MO

emailSara VOGEL Devereux [modified: 9-2008]
New York, NY

emailMatthew VOGT [modified: 9-2005]
Charlotte, NC
    Moved from STL in 2003 and have lived in Charleston SC, Richmond VA and now Charlotte NC. This should be the last move for awhile. Two kids Gupton and Grace who are 5 and 4 respectively. I have been working as a VP for GE Commercial Finance for the past 2 years and love my job. Looking to fill the lineup for my Alt-Country band this fall...tour dates to follow...

emailDawn WAGNER [modified: 7-2008]
Kirkwood, MO
    I can't believe it has been 20 years!! What we all have accomplished in this time is amazing. I am living in Kirkwood with the love of life Marc for 3 years and have an amazing 7 year old daughter -(she will be 8 in September going on 18 - I know that most of you can understand. I work for Hilton Hotels in Chesterfield. Just livin' the dream. C u all in October....contact me if you wish - peace.

emailKarin WALCH Byrne [modified: 1-2001]
Labadie, MO
    Hi! I have been married for 8 years, and have a 4 1/2 year old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter. I work as an RN at Barnes West County Emergency room :)

emailBrian WATERMAN [modified: 10-2004]
St. Louis, MO
    Things continue to go well. We moved our business to an office on the Hill - you can check us out at www.watermanresearch.com . Amy and I are still happily married and living in CWE. I hope that all is well with everyone.

emailAshley R. WEATHERLY [modified: 3-2007]
Angleton, TX

emailChris WELCH [modified: 6-2009]
Nixa, MO
Central Bulldogs Soccer
    Finishing my doctoral degree in sports management,till teaching and coaching soccer in Springfield, MO. My partner and I have our personal training business up and running. So great to see everyone last year. Keep in touch!

emailPatricia (Trish) WELCH [modified: 7-2008]
Chesterfield, MO
Golden Fawn Web Page
    I am working for a Medical transcription company doing Medical transcriptions and I love it... I get to work from Home.. Also, I am now Engaged to a wonderful man.. He is a professional Musician and is very talented.. He also used to be a partner for the Edward Jones Company..this will be my first marriage... ( I waited until I knew I had the right guy)..He was worth the wait...my Fiancee is Mormon (converted from Jewish-wierd switch I know) so I have Agreed that I would look into the Mormon religion myself... also, I am a hospice volunteer.

emailKeenan WHITE [modified: 12-2008]
St. Louis, MO
    Hi everyone can you belive its been 20yrs wow! Everythings great life could not be any better... it seems that everyone is networking on facebook so you will see me there.

emailGwenie WILLIAMS [modified: 1-2001] invalid email
St. Louis, MO
    I'm presently engaged and relocating to NYC!

emailChristina WORLEY Schultejans [modified: 2-2003] invalid email
St. Louis, MO
    I am still practicing law, mostly for nonprofit organizations and tax-exempt entities. We moved to a bigger home last year and added to our family, too. My husband and I share our lives with our 2 beautiful girls, Hannah (almost 4 years old) and Natalie (almost 1). Life is busy, but great.

emailMonte WRIGHT [modified: 5-2007]
San Jose, CA
    I packed up my stuff and moved to San Jose, Ca in March 2007. I'm finally going to start a business with my new wife Aileen. We met in St. Louis a few years ago and It was love at first sight. Still seems like highschool was just yesterday. Feel free to email to catch up.

emailPeggy WULFING Schultz [modified: 2-2008]
St. Louis, MO
    After living in Boston for several years, I moved back to St. Louis with my husband, Erik in 2001. We currently are living in Ladue. We have two little boys, Jack (7) and Ryan (5). I work part-time for CI Select as a Sr. Designer. My son, Jack, attends Reed School like I did. Ryan will be there next Fall as well. Life is very busy but enjoyable too.

emailMark ZEHNER [modified: 8-2006]
Florissant, MO
    Still living in St. Louis. Still working as an Animal Control Officer for the City of Hazelwood for 10 years now. Also still working as a part time banquet bartender for the St. Louis Marriott West for the past 14 years. Been with my wife now for 15 years (married for the past 3+ years.) have two boys, Brandon 11 and Zachary 7. love to hear from anyone.

emailWendi ZUCKERMAN Larrabure [modified: 5-2006]
East Patchogue, NY
    In October 2005 my husband and I welcomed the latest addition to our family...our first child, Aiden Shane. Since then, I have stopped teaching Autistic teens to become a stay at home mom.

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